Have a question before you order? Make sure you check our frequently asked questions to find your answer first

1Can I provide my own article?
We do not accept article submissions. Our writers publish all content from their own personal contributor accounts. They write their articles in their own style and do not accept 3rd party entries.
2What types of websites do you accept?
We only publish links from relevant websites. For example; we would expect you to submit a tech related website to be published on a tech news site. We never accept websites related to gambling, sexual content, pharmacy or drugs.
3Can I choose the subject of the article?
We would typically include your link in a web article that is related to your website. Your link will be included in an anchor in that article. We usually do not take requests when it comes to the articles subject, as articles are always subject to the platforms guidelines. Our authors are also experts at finding appealing subjects that resonate well with the platform's audience.
4Can you include multiple links?
No, we can only include 1 link (site) per article.
5What happens to my business / website after I get publsihed?
After we publish a link to your website on a high authority website, you will see serious benefits when it comes to your Google rankings. Google is keen on high authority links and will value your website much more when it has a link from the Huffington Post for example. On top of that, our clients regularly see a spike in traffic after being published. This happens simply because these platforms have a large readership and content gets spread through social media. Besides the benefits of traffic and rankings, having a backlink on a highly authoritative backlink can be a booster when it comes to further press releases. You can include a logo on your site "As seen on".
6Will the article appear on the frontpage?
Our authors do not control the platforms so there is no way of saying where an article might end up. On large sites like Forbes and the Huffington Post, well over 95% of the content never reaches the first page as their content network is so large. It is best to assume the article will only appear on the niche index pages.
7Is this safe for SEO?
Yes definitely. Having a link published on a high authority website has never hurt anyone and will only benefit your SEO rankings.